Cyberguard by MEI

Leading the Way in Remote Site Safety and Security Applications for the Oil and Gas Industry.

CyberGuard is a portable, secure and remote application that efficiently replaces the traditional physical guard approach to security by providing detailed information on any breach in security, policy or code compliance the instant that a problem occurs and reports to designated stakeholders in real time.

Secure Your Site with CyberGuard

Protect yourself and your company by being immediately alerted to code compliance violations through the situational awareness capabilities of CyberGuard. Take command of your remote site from your office, your home or any place that business takes you.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas operators go where the product takes them which is often into areas that are rugged and remote, however even in those areas, safety and security are of vital concern. Maintaining a physical guard force that will not get sick or call off is difficult. That is where CyberGuard comes in.

CyberGuard is a remote surveillance, access control and dangerous area (red zone) warning system that produces in ways that a guard service cannot, including instantaneous audit tracking, video archiving and actionable communications (whereby all decision-makers are notified instantaneously of an event).

Heavily populated areas cause a different set of issues for drillers and operators. In those instances CyberGuard Managed Services can serve as a critical link between the operator and local municipal authorities by not only acting as an instrument of good will but also as an effective emergency communications response tool in the case of an event.

Retail Construction

Retail Construction project managers who are charged with site safety and security require infrastructure support that is reliable and flexible. On large scale deployments where a number of stores are scheduled to be built within a short window of time mobility and reliability are a must.

CyberGuard Tower construction is designed to withstand high wind conditions and the forward looking infrared technology built into the system makes it possible to see through even the foggiest of conditions.

While the tower and anchor designs are sturdy the entire system remains highly portable making it possible to move a CyberGuard unit from one site to another with ease.

Critical Infrastructure

The Critical Infrastructure market provides great challenges in both remote communications and in required mobility with potential applications that range from border security to the network of interstate roadways that traverse the country.

CyberGuard features an uninterrupted power supply and multiple data communications options including satellite uplink, wireless and direct interface technologies. The CyberGuard Network Operations Center is omni-vigilent and is manned by trained personnel who can initiate pre-determined response protocol in an instant.

Archived data is co-located to assure redundancy and teams of trained service personnel are available for rapid response should a system be compromised.